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KindiClub Preschool

The Kindiclub Preschool is a richly stimulating, innovative, caring and open plan environment that focuses on a child’s natural curiosity and thirst for knowledge.

We believe it is vital for children to understand how to create harmony within the mind, body and spirit.  The natural world is highly valued for its potential for learning through found materials, and our educators take joy in creating and developing pleasing play spaces which encourage children’s inquisitiveness. As we discover together in this collaborative process, individual opportunities for challenge and extension will be explored and enjoyed.

Our family grouping environment offers numerous advantages. It fosters a sense of belonging and community among children, as they interact with peers of various ages, akin to a family dynamic. This in turn sets up encouragement for empathy, cooperation, and social skills development as older children naturally mentor younger ones.  It also promotes continuity and stability in care, as siblings can stay together, easing transitions for both children and parents. It also allows for more personalised attention and tailored learning experiences, as educators can better understand each child's individual needs and interests within a smaller, familiar group setting.

In addition, our grouping supports collaborative learning opportunities, where children of different ages can engage in peer teaching and learning, promoting academic and socio-emotional growth for all involved. Overall, it enhances the sense of connection, support, and holistic development for children and families alike.

Our program is guided by the Early Years Learning Framework. As Early Childhood Professionals, we acknowledge the importance of time for children to explore and experiment, re-visit experiences and develop awareness of their individual abilities.

Our recent Exceeding National Quality Standards result is testament to the success of the program, our centre, our staff and most importantly is best represented by the achievements and learnings shown by the wonderful children in our care.

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