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Focus of the Month | QA1 Educational program and practice | QA5 Relationships with children | QA6 Collaborative partnerships with families and communities


QA2 Children’s health and safety | QA3 Physical environment


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Focus of the Month | QA2 Children’s health and safety | QA3 Physical environment

2.2.1 Supervision – At all times reasonable precautions and adequate supervision ensure children are protected form harm and hazard

Compulsory Training:

Just a reminder about training attendance as per my email last Friday, those dates again:





9th January 2024

4.30 pm


15th January 2024

5.00 pm


16th January 2024

5.30 pm


24th January 2024

6 pm


2nd February 2024

8 am


3rd February 2024

10 am


6th February 2024

6 pm

QA4 Staffing arrangements | QA7 Governance and leadership

Focus of the Month | QA4 Staffing arrangements | QA7 Governance and leadership

7.1.2 Management Systems – Systems are in place to manage risk and enable the effective management and operation of a quality service

Risk Assessment:

The Service Risk Assessment needs to be completed prior to your Coordinator’s February visit. Please access and complete the risk assessment via the link below:

Notice Board - Coastwide Child and Family Services (ccfdc.com.au)

Reminders and Equipment Register:

Your 2024 Reminders List and Equipment Register has been emailed to you. Please review to ensure it is accurate and let us know of any amendments. If you are yet to receive both documents, please let me know.

School Stream Forms:

The following Re-Registration forms will be available on School Stream:

  • Educator and Approved Provider Agreement – available 1st February 2024
  • Pet Management Plan
    • There is a new application process being implemented in January 2024 for any new pets joining the FDC service. Please complete the application form / risk assessment for all new pets. Your Coordinator will discuss this as part of the February focus and support you in completing this where applicable.
    • For all and existing new pets, your Coordinator will inspect and photograph the intended area where your pet will be kept during hours of operation as per your pet management plan during your re-registration visit.
    • Again for Educators with existing pets, please update your Pet Management Plan as you will now be asked to advise additional information about your pet
    • If you are planning on having a new furry member join your family in the future, please review the application form to be aware of the content, this would be appreciated.
  • Arrival and Departure Management Plan – available now, please update your plan for 2024.

Hard copy documentation:

The following documents will be discussed on your next visit:

  • 2024 Daily Risk Assessment – displayed and signed daily
  • Daily Water Safety Checklist – if applicable, displayed and signed daily
  • 2024 Emergency Contacts List – displayed and updated when a family changes their emergency contact details
  • 2024 Visitors Attendance Register – available for any visitors to your service
  • Child Safe Standards poster - displayed
  • Commitment to Child Safety - displayed
  • Mandatory Reporting poster – displayed
  • Handwashing, Nappy Change, Toileting Procedure – displayed in nappy change, handwashing, and toileting areas
  • Illness Record – WORD version available on the Coastwide website
  • Injury, Incident, Trauma Record - WORD version available on the Coastwide website
  • Prescribed Information Notice – displayed at main entrance to your indoor area
  • Code of Conduct
  • Safe Sleep record – to be available at all times, and to be completed whenever a child is sleeping
  • Supervision of resting and sleeping children plan – complete one copy for your service annually and update as required
  • Individual rest and sleeping practices – complete one for EACH child
  • Learning and Development QIP – displayed and updated with PD or changes to your service to improve quality

Reviewed Policies:

Please see attached the renewed policies:

  1. Furniture and Equipment safety policy
  2. Physical Environment Policy
  3. Assessment Approval of FDC residences

Quality Improvement Plan (QIP) - Key Improvement Area


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